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Promotion Guideline & Compensation Structure

The most aggressive comp plan in the industry. Most companies are robbing agents and their families by paying them as little as possible. Check out how to get to 145% with fully vested renewals day one. We are pioneering to change the industry and pay the agents more.

Promotion Guidelines

Your commission level and promotion guidelines to achieve 145%

         Bonus Plan

         Family First Life is dedicated to making sure our agents are compensated well for their              hard work. To compensate our agents further, we have bonus programs that everyone              can take part in! 

We have the producer’s bonus and the VP bonus that come straight from Family First Life, plus Americo also offers an 8% cash bonus.  Click the links below for more information!

Producer Bonus Program

VP Bonus Program

Americo 8% Bonus


Producer & Manager Levels

Manager Levels are obtained by total hierarchy IP Volume.  Producer Levels are obtained by personal IP Production only.

Reach out to your Manager or VP for FFL Carrier Commission Grid and specific questions